Asbestos Abatement

The Iowa Division of Labor administers Iowa’s Asbestos Licensing and Asbestos Permitting programs.  Iowa OSHA enforces regulations designed to protect workers from asbestos.  The Air Quality Bureau of Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) controls the release of asbestos to the environment.A contractor must notify the Division of Labor at least 10 working days in advance of any asbestos abatement or removal project.  Since the DNR also has a notice requirement, we recommend submitting the DNR’s 10-day notice form to both agencies.

A contractor that performs asbestos work must obtain an asbestos permit, and people who work on an asbestos project must obtain an asbestos license.  

More information can be found by reviewing the Iowa Code and Administrative Rules.

Disaster Emergency Proclamations  

Upon a disaster emergency proclamation issued by the Governor, provisions exist in Iowa rules for expediting emergency response activities relating to asbestos removal.  This includes modified provisions for ten-day notices and worker licensing.  Ten-day notices may be filed no later than the working day following the initiation of the project.  Additionally, there is an allowance for workers licensed in other states to perform asbestos work in Iowa without holding an Iowa license.  To learn more about these provisions and their requirements please see IAC 875-155.

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